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O-levels!! *shivers*

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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

get it?? pun..haha..Please Come K
oh well..i love the musical soooooo much..it's soooooo nice..
i went twice..both free tickets ones..i went on the first and last day..haha..but i really really like it..i all of suuden like gurmit singh after this show..i dunno y..haha..not only cuz of this show but also got some other articles that i read about him..he's such a funny and friendly guy..both his kids, gabielle (dunno how to pronounce) and elliot, so cute..awwww..=)..mixed blood kids will be preety and handsome next time when they grow up..haha..=)

i wanna watch the show again..i love the shows in it..gurmit can sing well..not bad man..quite nice..he can sing well..haha..the lyrics in the songs they sing also very funny..getting pck withdrawal sympthons..hahahaaha..can't get over it..can't wait for the cd to come out..got one song when pck is about to die and he sing the song that his family would be fine after he dies..so tounching..i teared on the both times i watch it..and also the part when everyone thank him for wad he has done for all of them to live so well..also very touching..i also teared at that part both times..am i very emotional?? haha..guess so..oh well..

i want to watch it again!!!! i want to watch it again!!!! i want to watch it again!!!! i want to watch it again!!!! i want to watch it again!!!! i want to watch it again!!!! i want to watch it again!!!! i want to watch it again!!!!

2:51 PM

Thursday, February 24, 2005

i'm proud of myself..i have not touch my com for almost two weeks..haha..histroy making man..haha..=] last time i almost everyday will turn on my com one..haha..but arz this yr like a lot less often liao..too much hw and activities goin on that i dun even have my won time to enjoy and play..everyday is not at bowling centre, sch den is at home..so boring huh..haha..but not really lah..i still happy go lucky..haha..dunno if its good or bad lah..haha..aiyah..=] wad muz come will come soon..haha..(does that make sense??) haha..dunno..

o level results coming out on mon..ahhhh..*shivers*..haha..i feel anxious for my senoirs..all the best k..haha..next yr my turn liao..did i tell u i juz got my o level test dates today man..so scary..so fast..prac is like in aug..like how many months i have left lol..*counts fingers and toes*..haha..oh well..i dun feel prepared for anything..*shakes head*..haha..

enough of being stress and sch life..i wanna watch movie..it has been quite a while since i watch one..i think the last one was i do i do..haha..it was super funnie that show..i wanna show hitch..haha..think it's a nice and funnie show..haha..march holi are coming..maybe then then got time to go and watch..haha..

i also very long never go chase sly liao..*sobs*..haha..the last time i saw him live was at boon lay countdown..two months liao..haha..he has been laying super low now a days..heard he went to aus last week for some photo shoot..juz came back yesterday..if i had known earlier i would be gone..haha..hu am i kiddin..i had trainin that day also cannot go..*sobs*..tmr got the singtel concert i also got training also cannot go AGAIN..*sobs*..

guess wad..mrs choo told us today that daphane khoo the SI finalist is goin to be our guest star for the st lukes concert thingy..in my heart i was thinking how come not sly?!?!?! how could they do that to me..haha..how wonderful and perfect for it to be sly huh..haha..oh well..mrs choo said they called mediacorps and like ask them hu was free den they said like only daph so it's her lol..haha..but better than nothing right..haha..i also tot of a perfect plan..haha..u see min's class in charge of this thing so i can ask her to make frens with daph den intro to me den i make frens with her den ask her intro sly and maia to me..haha..that would be so nice right..haha..*dreams*..haha..only if that could happen..haha..

anyway..i gtg back and study now..shall update soon..dun miss me too much..tata..=]

10:54 PM

Thursday, January 27, 2005

long time never update..been very busy..so much hw so little time..*stress out*..haha..sec 4 is really too fast..so much stuff to revise..never ending work..piles and piles of hw..sigh..first three months would be like siao for me..

- four times a week training (mon,wed,fri,sat)
- twice a week dance (sun,tues)
- twice a week running (thurs,sat)
- once a week chinese remedial (tues)
- everyday homework & revision

craziness..haha..not like hw very little like that..haha..hope that there was more MoRe mOrE moRE MOre MorE mORe MORE time man..haha..

but even though got so much things to do..life everyday is still very fun..haha..crappy..haha..still very fun..filled with fun, laughter, peace and joy..haha..i still like happy go lucky one leh..haha..

still got few more weeks to chinese new yr!! haha..so happie..bought new clothes liao..haha..but still left shoes..haha..new yr is so super fun..haha..the s'pore f4 will go ice skating every second day of new yr..haha..den take ladder photo..haha..

ok..gtg and study for chem test tmr liao..will update soon..

8:27 PM

Monday, January 10, 2005

juz felt like updating something after reading may's blog..haha..
let me quote to u wad she said..haha..

"new sch..it has a new lecture hall..super nice..it looks sho grand..X)makes me feel sho big.like..old..ahahaaniway..the teachers are treating us like treasures like that u noe!!"

"today..just fellt sho emotionall..missing mgs already wen i'm still in it.haiz/i can feel it eating into my bones..*imiss mg i miisss mgg*who lann..terrible mann..duno how it wil be like wen i finally leave.haiz./"

it's so true..that day i was juz looking at the sec ones orientation den thinking wad i actually did during the camp..four yrs juz *poof* like that and it's gone..last yr in mg liao..no chance to see wad mg's gonna be like in the future..but bet it would be super duper nice since i've seen one part of it..haha..=)

last yr in mg..it's so sad u know..so attacted to the sch..been in it all my life..all my schooling life..first day i start sch till now..it's juz bring tears to my eyes..can't bear to leave it and every morning changing to mg uniform..*sobs*=(..so many memories would be in my mind foreva..all the 10 yrs i have spent in mg..i can't believe that next yr i would be leaving mg..it's so sad..i dun wanna leave mg..all the teachers, frens, cca, canteen, flag raising, class time, recess, pe, every single thing, every single moment, sigh..*tears*..

1:38 AM

Saturday, January 08, 2005

one week gone liao..wad have i done in this week?? *thinks hard & reflects*
haha..should think at the end of the week everytime..it's quite good u know..haha

sch is quite fun lah..b3's a nice chatty interesting class..sitting beside stef makes the time there more fun..she's so crappy..yanny & siyi also makes it interesting..haha..all the teachers not bad lah..haha..but i still miss ms tay..haha..

the weekends are finally here..got a packed weekend..got hw to do also..muz start revising..haha..oh u know wad..x japan is a good band..their songs are nice..haha...they have fans like all over the world..world man..even 'unknown' countries also got fans there..haha..

that's all for today..will update soon..when time comes..haha..

1:23 AM

Saturday, January 01, 2005

happy new yr everyone

new yr's resolution
1) Train very hard for bowling competition
2) Practice for ballet exam
3) Listen in class more
4) Do notes for every chap after teacher finishes teaching
5) Get ready for Os

taking Os liao..yr will pass very fast..super scared for it all to come..it's juz all happening too fast man..sigh..not long later it will be the countdown to 2006 already..oh well..dun know if it's a good thing or bad thing..=)

yesterday went to boon lay for countdown..wasn't as much pple as i tot..haha..but it was very fun..haha..saw limin there..haha..and a lot of sly fans were there..screaming and screaming..haha..the mc was like "ready for sly??" everyone scream scream scream..den he asked "ready for andy lau?" silence..haha..so funny..den finally he came out..sang four songs..so nice..haha..=)..he asked for his fans wad song they want to hear den he sang them..he sang i dream, it's my life, an jing, he ain't heavy, he's my brother..so sweet..haha..i tell u lah..sly rocks..haha..

oh..den the guest of honour came..she hugged and took pictures with sly..arghh...haha..oh well..mp wad..big shot..sly gonna do that wad..haha..took a lot of pictures of him..now the best part came..as sly was leaving for sentosa..i stood at the walkway there..den i shook his hand..ahhh..haha..not gonna wash my hand man..haha..=)=)=)..hehehehe..

at 11 mediacorp stars came..jeanette aw, ah wu, fiona xiei stand at the backstage there cuz in front no space..but it wasn't a bad thing u know..it's actually a good spot..when those stars came out..they had to wait there for the previous pple to finish singing wad..so i mangaged to shook all their hands and took pictures with them and even got jeff wang's and priricelia chan's autograph..haha..den countdown..10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!! happy new yr!!! haha...fireworks..

this entry quite long arz..haha..tonight got gathering with all the bowling pple..haha..will update soon again..=)

10:39 AM

Monday, December 27, 2004

hey pple..finally uodating..too lazy
back from holiday..if u dun know where i went to..let me tell u..china..bought a lot of stuff..i tell u arz..the stuff there are quite cheap..u can like bargain like siao..really siao..haha..like more than half the original prize..haha..dun worry..when sch reopens..i will give out all the presents..haha..

a few wad u call that..erm..a few wishes to make..haha..
happy birthday belle few mintues advance
merry belated christmas
happy new yr in advance

haha..ok thats it..sch is gonna reopen..still got work have not finish..die..sigh..last week very busy..got lots of stuff to do and meet up with a lot of pple..haha

oh man..i wanna go to the boon lay countdown..to see sly..get his signature..haha..oh yes..and i promise belle to do something..but i'm prepared for the worst..haha..

oh midnight..my clock strike..
happy birthday belle on the dot

11:54 PM